2022 Fall OMS Events

Fall Field Trips: Scheduled and members have been notified; Meetings: In person, member-only, masks and Proof of COVID vaccination required; Classes: On-line; Fall Show: Completed; Fall MycoCamp: Completed.

Announcing Hebeloma.org

Hebeloma is mushroom genus that we often fail to notice. After all they are drably colored, not large, generally reported as not “edible” or as positively toxic, and difficult to identify to species. But they’re an important, common, ectomycorrhizal genus with worldwide distribution (every…

OMS 2022 Fall Mycocamp Report

We’re happy to report a successful restart to our Fall Mycocamp. Camp Coordinator Jeff Yarne and Safety Czar Mara Dale kept us safe from COVID. We had three great talks by renowned mycologist Else Vellinga. Despite difficult mushroom fruiting conditions (driest summer and warmest…

OMS 2022 Fall Show Report

We’re happy to report that revived 2022 Oregon Mycological Society Fall Mushroom Show was a great success. We overcame some steep challenges: Despite the difficult mushroom conditions our volunteers collected enough quantity to fill the tables, and enough variety so that our ID team…

Rare Fungi Challenge

The Fungal Diversity Survey (FunDIS) has issued an ongoing challenge to find and document West Coast species of rare mushrooms. Many are fall-fruiting species. The ones most likely to be found in Oregon are: Amanita pruittii Arrhenia lobata Bondarzewia occidentalis Hygrophorus goetzei Lactarius rubriviridis…

MSA 2023 Annual Meeting (non-OMS Event)

The 2023 Annual meeting of the Mycological Society of America.

OMS October 2022 Meeting

+ Google Map Yes we are excited to finally return to in-person meetings.   To ensure the safety of all of our members as we adapt to a COVID reality, we have implemented some changes;1) This meeting is open to MEMBERS ONLY and be capped at 85…

2022 OMS Scholarship Winner

OMS Scholarships – 10 years of supporting mycology students! It is my pleasure to announce our scholarship winner for 2022. Nathan Stewart is a PhD student at Portland State University studying in the laboratory of Dr. Daniel Ballhorn. Nathan’s research is exploring the interactions…

Coastal Fungi Symposium 2022 (non-OMS event)

Event Website: https://fb.me/e/3mYs3Risp

Wild Rivers Mushroom Festival (non-OMS event)

Event Website: https://wildriversmushroomfestival.com/

Radical Mycology Convergence (non-OMS event)

A special discount is available to OMS members. Use the code MYCOCLUB at checkout to get 10% off. Event Website: https://radicalmycologyconvergence.com/