Leadership Contacts

This page lists OMS Leadership Positions, Job Descriptions, and Contact Information. You can find more information about the individuals listed on our Leadership Profiles page.

Committees and Groups

Culinary culinary@wildmushrooms.org, Kim Janik

Cultivation cultivation@wildmushrooms.org, Vacant

Education education@wildmushrooms.org, Dick Bishop

Fall Mushroom Show fallshow@wildmushrooms.org, vacant

Hospitality, vacant

Library, vacant

Membership membership@wildmushrooms.org, Mary Taylor (assistant)

Microscopy, microscopes@wildmushrooms.org, Isa Moffett

Mycology Camp, Fall fallcamp@wildmushrooms.org, Jeff Yarne

Mycology Camp, Spring springcamp@wildmushrooms.org, Nathan Parr

Newsletter newsletter@wildmushrooms.org, Maggie & Nick Iadanza

Programs programs@wildmushrooms.org, Kim Brown, Tess Tesar

Toxicology toxicology@wildmushrooms.org, vacant (Joe Cohen acting coordinator))

Webperson, webperson@wildmushrooms.org, Justina Cotter

Officers and Directors

President omspresident@wildmushrooms.org
Joe Cohen

Vice President vicepresident@wildmushrooms.org
Shana Hirst

Secretary secretary@wildmushrooms.org
Shayna Huff

Treasurer treasurer@wildmushrooms.org
Don Moore. Treasurer since 2012.

Director (term expiring 2023)
John Thompson

Director (term expiring 2023)
Kim Robinson fieldtrips@wildmushrooms.org

Director (term expiring 2022)
Kim Brown programs@wildmushroom.org

Director (term expiring 2022)
Jenny Hauschildt

Immediate Past President/Director