Deepen your understanding of all things mushroom and get to know others of like mind by participating with OMS special interest groups.


Log workshop

The OMS cultivation committee is a resource for OMS members who are interested in growing mushrooms at home. This group teaches mushroom cultivation workshops and connects interested members with additional opportunities to learn. Traditionally, four workshops are offered throughout the year: mushroom culture creation, cultivation on logs, mushroom beds for your garden, and the OMS Fall Show oyster kit workshop. For more information, contact



The Mycoflora Working Group is OMS’s group for participation in the North American Mycoflora Project.  The group is focused on training for scientific collection, identification, and research about mushrooms.  Our scientific advisor is Steve Trudell.
OMS participation in the North American Mycoflora Project is an opportunity for specially-trained members of the Society to develop as “citizen scientists.”  If you are interested in taking part or you have questions, please email


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The culinary group hosts a yearly dinner for OMS members called, “The Survivor’s Banquet.” However, if you have ideas for other culinary related activities that you would like to initiate please reach out to


Studying up for fall mushroom season.

Opportunities for learning more about mushrooms happen throughout the year from mushroom identification classes to microscopy. Contact for more info.