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Improve Your ID Skills With Quizzes

It’s tough to improve your mushroom identification skills when there are no mushrooms around and you can’t discuss ID’s in person. One thing that can help is a computerized quiz. Here are two to consider. MycoMatch Quiz MycoMatch (MatchMaker) is a wonderful, free application…

2022 Fall OMS Events

Classes: On-line rather than in-person. Fall Show: Planning underway. Fall MycoCamp: Please wait until registration opens rather than contacting the coordinator in advance. We email members when the registration begins. Fall Field Trips: Planning underway. Mushroom field trips have not yet started. Please wait…

OMS YouTube Channel

Check the OMS YouTube Channel for upcoming livestreams and archived videos.

OMS on Facebook and Instagram

Do you know about OMS’ social media pages? As of 2016, we started official accounts on Facebook and Instagram. The purpose of these pages is to share the love of mushrooms with both OMS members and the general public, and to help get the…

Hydnum (Hedgehog Mushrooms)

Slides of the August 27, 2018, presentation — Mushroom of the Month – Hydnum (Hedgehogs) in the Pacific Northwest — are now available. Logged in members can click here for a pdf of the slides.