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OMS 2020 Survivors’ Banquet

The OMS Survivors’ Banquet is a members-only event (no guests allowed). It combines our January general meeting and our annual mushroom-themed potluck to celebrate the end of the fall season and the camaraderie of mushroom hunting. It lets members share mushroom and non-mushroom dishes, recipes, photos, and tales from their foraging adventures.

►5:30 pm. Setup. We need volunteers to help with setup.
►6:30-8:30 pm. Please wait until 6:30 to begin serving!

Although few fresh, edible, wild mushrooms are available in winter, you have a number of options:
►Shop Asian markets and specialty stores for dried mushrooms and fresh exotic mushrooms.
►Use commercial mushrooms from the grocery store instead of wild mushrooms.
►Bring a non-mushroom dish to add to the fare: entrees, side dishes, salads, desserts.

Follow these guidelines to ensure that the banquet continues to be a safe and fun event:
You must be 100 percent sure of your identification.
All mushrooms MUST be cooked…no raw mushrooms.
Only the following mushrooms may be used:
- Commercial mushrooms from the grocery store
- Cultivated mushrooms from blocks sold by OMS
- Boletus edulis (porcini)
- Boletus rex-veris (spring king)
- Cantharellus spp. (chanterelle)
- Chlorophyllum rhacodes (Macrolepiota rhacodes) (shaggy parasol)
- Coprinus comatus (shaggy mane)
- Craterellus calicornucopioides (black trumpet)
- Craterellus neotubaeformis (winter chanterelle)
- Hericium spp. (lion’s mane and bear’s head)
- Hydnum spp. (hedgehog)
- Hypomyces lactifluorum (lobster)
- Morchella spp. (morel - no Verpa or Gyromitra spp.)
- Lepista nuda (Clitocybe nuda - blewit)
- Leucangium carthusianum (Picoa carthusiana - Oregon black truffle)
- Pleurotus spp. (oyster)
- Polyozellus spp. (blue chanterelle)
- Sparassis radica (cauliflower)
- Tuber oregonense (Oregon white truffle)

Important Note: Due to concerns about incorrect identification, wild Tricholoma murrillianum (T. magnivelare - matsutake) is no longer approved for banquet dishes.

You must complete a label to display with your dish that includes your name, the name of your dish and the mushrooms, if any, used in the dish. A copy of the  label will be included in the Survivors’ Banquet reminder email so you can print and complete it at home. Labels will also be available at the banquet..

― Kim Janik, Culinary Group Chairperson,, 503.259.2644