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2022 OMS Fall Mycology Camp (Full)

November 4, 2022 @ 3:00 pm November 6, 2022 @ 12:00 pm PDT

The 2022 Fall Mycology Camp is full and the waiting list is cut off.

Our Mycology Camp is resuming with significant COVID-related restrictions including:
– The number of participants will be significantly reduced in order to maintain sufficient social distancing;
– Participants will be housed in family groups;
– Proof of vaccination will be required for registration

This is a member-only event. (No guests are allowed.) Each participant must be an OMS member both at the time of registration and during the event. We restrict participation both to limit liability and to satisfy the high demand for events from members.) We reserve the rights to cancel reservations and/or refuse participation to an entire party if any member of the party is a non-member at time of registration or the event.

The Oregon Mycological Society has reserved the dates of November 4 (Friday) through November 6 (Sunday), 2022 for the Fall Myco Camp at Camp Magruder in Rockaway Beach, OR. The Camp schedule will be to start to arrive and check in starting around 3:00 PM Friday afternoon and finish up by noon on Sunday. Our camp mycologist this year will be Else Vellinga.

Dr. Vellinga is a mycologist who is interested in naming and classifying mushroom species in California and beyond, especially Parasol mushrooms. She has described 22 species as new for California, and most recently worked at the herbaria at UC Berkeley and SFSU for the Macrofungi and Microfungi Collections Digitization projects. She got her training at the national herbarium in the Netherlands, and her PhD at the university of Leiden, also in the Netherlands. The main reason for her taxonomic work is that it lays the basis for efforts to include mushroom species in nature management and conservation plans. She has proposed a number of Californian and Hawaiian species for the IUCN global database of endangered species. She tries to keep current with the mushroom literature. Else is also an avid knitter and likes to use mushroom dyed yarn for her creations.

The goal of OMS Mycology Camps is to teach people about wild mushrooms; the camps are not merely for foraging. Activities include:

  • Review seasonal mushrooms species including edibles and non-edibles
  • Evening presentations on both Friday and Saturday.
  • Saturday field trips. We’re interested in tracking all mushroom species growing in the area, not merely looking for edibles. We’ll have microscopes, books, and experienced Society members to help identify your mushrooms. We preserve unusual collections for scientific research.
  • Mushroom identification, and macroscopic and microscopic study of mushrooms
  • Sunday morning walk through and discussion of specimens

OMS Mycology Camp is a great place to learn about mushrooms. It’s also an opportunity to meet and socialize with other amateur mycologists. This is a great time for the novice, the expert, and everyone in between.

Location Information

The Fall Mycology Camp takes place at Camp Magruder, Rockaway Beach, Oregon. A wide variety of mushrooms can be found in and near camp. The area is a rich mushroom habitat and also has a great diversity of mushrooms, plants, lichens, and birds.

Accomodations at Camp is very basic. You must bring your own bedding, towels, and toiletries. Children are welcome. Pets are not allowed. We will house everyone who is listed on your registration in the same room or cabin (unless your party if very big). Smaller groups or individuals may be housed with other attendees as necessary. 

Check out the camp website if you’d like to know more:

The camp staff prepares tasty and wholesome meals. Vegetarian and vegan options are available at every meal upon request. However, the camp staff needs to know ahead of time, so please request vegan or vegetarian meals on your registration application. If you have special dietary needs or allergies, please include this information with your registration application and we will see what can be accommodated (within reason, please).

We are always interested in volunteers to help at the camp (especially people to help lead field trips). Please indicate if you are interested during the registration process.

2022 Fall MycoCamp Registration Details

The remainder of this page will both introduce and explain changes for 2022. It will also give you the time and date that registration will begin as well as the weekend schedule. Below we have included the COVID Requirements from both Camp Magruder and OMS. Most changes to our traditional format are being made as a result of the COVID variants that are still present in our community.

Fall MycoCamp Registration

  • Registration: We will be accepting email messages dated precisely beginning on Saturday, 1 October 2022 at 8:00 PM.
    • Please include your name, phone number, and email address such that we can contact you for more information (such as COVID vaccination status), answer your questions, and confirm you are aware of room assignments.
  • Guest Total: We anticipate the allotted number of 50 participants will fill up fast.
  • Accommodations: We have reserved 18 large bedrooms with option for 10 rustic smaller cabins.
  • Signup Details: We request you signup in minimum of pairs from the same family or close associates whom you feel comfortable sharing a room.
  • Alternative Accomodations: In the past, people have also slept in their cars within the camp, reserved a campsite at nearby Barview Jetty County Campground, or rented a local house.
  • Waiting List: We will be developing a waiting list in the case that there are unforeseen cancellations.
  • Confirmation: When all details are settled, you will be sent an invitation to register through Eventbrite which manages registrations and accepts credit card payment.

Fall Myco Camp Overview

  • The 2022 OMS Fall Mycology Camp is scheduled for Friday-Sunday November 4-6, 2022 at Camp Magruder in the town of Rockaway Beach on the Oregon coast.
  • You must be a current OMS member to register and participate.
  • All participants must be vaccinated for COVID and will be tested at check in.
  • Trails on the campgrounds meander through dunes, forest, wetland areas ,and there is beach access from the camp. Visit the camp website at www.campmagruder.org15(33.3%).
  • OMS camps are a great learning environment. At the Fall Mycology Camp, we will:
  • Review fall coastal mushrooms species
  • Discuss vegetation and mushroom habitat in the area
  • Conduct field trips Saturday to collect a variety of mushrooms to identify at locations within an hour drive of camp.
  • Offer macroscopic and microscopic study of mushrooms
  • Present evening programs on both Friday and Saturday.
  • Group overview to discuss specimens Sunday morning.
  • In the past approximately 70% of attendees are new to OMS and the study of fungi. It is strongly suggested you study the online introduction classes accessed through the OMS website prior to attending.
  • The number of attendees will be reduced to approximately 50 due to COVID indoor distance precautions within our main gathering lodge.
  • Our camp mycologist and guest speaker this year is noted author and broadly published fungi researcher Else Vellinga. Else is a mycologist who is interested in naming and classifying mushroom species in California and beyond, especially Parasol mushrooms. She has described 22 species as new for California, and most recently worked at the herbaria at UC Berkeley and SFSU for the Macrofungi and Microfungi Collections Digitization projects. She got her training at the national herbarium in the Netherlands, and her PhD at the university of Leiden, also in the Netherlands. Else is also an avid knitter and likes to use mushroom dyed yarn for her creations. A website for her published work may be found at: .

Camp Magruder Covid-19 Requirements for Guest Groups

Updated April 2022

Camp Magruder’s latest Covid-19 standards were formulated based on the most recent recommendations from the CDC and studying recent protocol shifts within the Oregon Public School System. As has been the case since the onset of Covid-19 in 2020, this protocol may shift drastically between now and scheduled retreats, but we are working to be thoughtful about explaining what situations might set off a change in protocol and what those changes may look like. Guest groups should continue to be prepared for requirements that may supersede Camp Magruder’s most basic standards.

Masking: Masks will not be required by Camp Magruder outdoors or indoors. We will seek to create a supportive environment for those who choose to wear masks.

Distancing: Guests are encouraged to physically distance where feasible. Camp Magruder will make efforts to make distancing easier, for instance with table and chair placements.

Cohorting: Groups are not required to cohort or contact trace. If a group member contracts Covid-19, other vaccinated guests who have been exposed do not have to isolate unless they show symptoms.

Covid Cases at Camp: If a guest begins to show Covid-19 symptoms, they should be isolated immediately and tested. If the guest tests positive for Covid-19, they remain isolated and return home at earliest convenience. The entire group may be required to begin masking if Covid-19 is identified onsite.

Outdoor Activity: If weather permits, Camp Magruder strongly urges guest groups plan a majority of their activities outdoors. We believe this is one of the most effective ways to mitigate Covid-19 spread within group gatherings. Camp Magruder will make both outdoor and indoor dining available, and work with group leaders to make outdoor eating a likely possibility with the group.

Matching Standards: Camp Magruder will take on any additional Covid-19 related protocol a guest group plans to operate under beyond its base level standards whenever in the presence of the guest group.

When Increased Protocol will be Necessary: Two weeks prior to the guest group’s arrival, Camp Magruder will observe Covid-19 hospitalization and death rates in Tillamook County and the county(s) from which the guest group resides. We will evaluate the threat level based on these rates, especially compared with the group’s vaccination rates. If current rates warrant increased concern, Camp Magruder may alter its standards to require increased masking and distancing.

OMS COVID Protocol for Camp Magruder

Friday, November 4th – Sunday, November 6th

Attendee Vaccination Status:

  • All OMS participants must be fully COVID vaccinated and show Proof of Vaccination (prior to attending camp)
    • CDC vaccination record
    • Fully Vaccinated Definition: According to the CDC – completing the necessary number of shots as required depending on your specific vaccine and for 14 days to have passed since the last required administered dose.

Pre-Camp Actions:

  • OMS participants will share an emergency contact that can come and pick them up if they are COVID positive.
  • All camp participants will be tested as part of the check in process.
  • Anyone testing positive or displaying COVID symptoms before attending camp and cancelling will be issued full refunds of camp fees. The same applies after check in at Camp.
  • At the first Camp gathering November 4th the group will talk through COVID symptoms, mitigation requirements, reporting/action if positive, and exposure reduction.

COVID Mitigation and Reporting:

  • OMS participants are required to wear a mask while indoors, and all participants are encouraged to remind those that forget.
  • OMS will bring enough masks to cover the entire group.
  • If COVID symptoms appear, OMS will have COVID tests on hand to check COVID status.
  • Any participants with COVID positive symptoms or test must alert OMS and Camp Magruder organizers immediately to ensure the COVID mitigation plan listed here can be initiated.
  • OMS + Camp Magruder will create a space to isolate if someone tests positive for COVID and will keep them there until someone can pick them up.

Fall Mycocamp Weekend Schedule

  • Travel time from Portland to Camp Magruder is approximately 2 hours.
  • If you have a portable air filter the lodges have electricity in each room
  • You must bring your own sleeping bags and toiletries. Bunk beds and communal bathrooms are the norm
  • It should be wet so prepare for rain, wind and mud. Boots and mushroom gear are encouraged.

Friday – 4 November 2022

  • 4 PM – Start of Arrival and Registration at Camp Magruder
    • Sign up for field trip and one kitchen shift
  • 6 PM – Dinner – served buffet style
  • 8 PM – Evening presentation at Sherlock Lodge
    • Post Presentation – free time to socialize and settle in rooms.

Saturday – 5 November 2022

  • 8 AM – Breakfast
    • Pack a lunch for field trip
  • 9 AM – Field trip groups depart – lunch in the field
  • 5 PM – Dinner – served buffet style
  • 7 PM – Evening presentation at Sherlock Lodge
  • Post Presentation
    • Informal opportunities to learn to identify collected samples from field trips.
    • Demonstration of microscopic fungi samples that aid identification

Sunday – 6 November 2022

  • 8 AM – Breakfast
  • 9 AM – Specimen ID and walk though summary Sherlock Lodge
  • 11 AM – Finish clean up
  • Noon – Depart camp

Camp Magruder

17450 Old Pacific Hwy
Rockaway Beach, OR 97136 United States
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