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OMS General Meeting 2021-03-08 Short Presentation: Mushroom Consumption and Poisoning 7:30 pm Presentation:  What’s cooking with Chad: Inside a Mushroom Forager’s KitchenFrom the depths of his kitchen, Chad will share some fun fungi-food facts, and dazzle us with cooking tips, tricks, and recipes that we will all...

OMS General Meeting 2021-04-12: Wildfire and Fungi

Online TBD (YouTube, Zoom, or other)

7:30 pm Presentation: Wildfire and Fungi; Understanding the Fungi thatLove FireThis presentation will cover what's known about fungi after wildfire, highlight findings from his current research, and highlight where we still need to go. Due to global climate change, increased development along the edge of...

OMS General Meeting 2021-05-10

OMS YouTube Channel

7:15 pm Presentation: Michael Zirpoli, Morel CultivationDuring the course of Michael’s time at Evergreen State College, he became enamored with morels and has spent close to three years tirelessly studying them both in the lab and in the field. His current research is focused on...

Annual MSA Meeting (non-OMS event)

The Annual MSA (Mycological Society of America) Meeting will be held as part of Botany 2021, a multi-society meeting which will take place virtually from July 19-23. More details are available here: (OMS is an MSA Associate Member.)

OMS General Meeting 2021-08-09

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7:30 pm Presentation:  Speaker: Michael Beug, Professor Emeritus, Evergreen State College taught chemistry, mycology and organic farming at Evergreen in Olympia, Washington for 32 years. He’s active in the North American Mycological Association (NAMA) and the Pacific Northwest Key Council. In addition to this...

NAMA Annual Foray (non-OMS event)

Snow Mountain Ranch 1101 County Road 53, Granby, CO

North American Mycological Association Annual Foray. Open to NAMA members only. Price is $350-550/person plus registration fees. For more information see the CONAMA 2021 Event Registration Page. (OMS is a NAMA Affiliate.)

OMS General Meeting 2021-09-13

OMS YouTube Channel

Speaker: Alissa Allen is the founder of Mycopigments. She specializes in teaching people about how to find, recognize, and utilize fungi for dyes. Alissa was introduced to mushroom hunting as a child, growing up in the Pacific Northwest. She joined the Puget Sound Mycological Society in 1998 and her fascination with fungi...