2024 January Survivor’s Banquet

Back in the cold winter month of January, OMS members gathered together to share the warmth of homemade food, myco-minded comradery, and to celebrate that our mushroom identification skills and field safety let us “survive” to forage another year!

Some of the amazing food feasted upon at the Banquet.

This year we had a full house with 75 members in attendance and plenty of amazing food for all. Through the proceeds of event tickets and a raffle we were able to raise $255 to go towards our July 14th OMS 75th Anniversary Celebration!

Our members brought their culinary A-game and we had a variety to suit everyone’s taste! Most dishes and even some of the deserts incorporated a mushroom or two.

Here a few examples of recipes submitted. Next year we are working on a better recipe submission and tracking form. If you want to volunteer to join the Culinary Committee we would love some additional volunteers!

We hope to see all you survivor’s next year for another epic Fungal Feast!

-Mush Love