OMS 2024 Annual “Survivor’s” Banquet

January 27th, 2024 at The Village Ballroom 704 NE Dekum St, Portland, OR 97211

Set up opens at 5:00 pm with General Admission at 6:00. Event ends at 8:30 with clean up from 8:30 until 9:00pm

Must RSVP and either Bring a Dish to serve 10 people or pay $15 CASH ONLY donation at the door. BRING YOUR OWN DINER WARE AND CUTLERY!

(Food Signup is open first, then spots for general admission will be available with priority given to OMS Lifetime Members and Active Volunteers.)

NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES!! Wine, Beer and non alcoholic beverages will be available from 5:00pm to 8:00pm provided by The Village Ballroom

 The annual Survivors’ Banquet is a time of celebration, community, and business where we gather together thankful for making it through another season alive! We will announce the newly elected Officers and Board Members, update the membership on upcoming events and happenings and enjoy music, drink and have a Fungi Focused Feast. If possible, bring a copy of your recipe. We may publish it in a future issue of MushRumors!

Although few fresh, edible, wild mushrooms are available in winter, you have a number of options:

►Use commercial mushrooms from the grocery store instead of wild mushrooms.

►Bring a non-mushroom dish to add to the fare: entrees, side dishes, salads, desserts.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure that the banquet continues to be a safe and fun event:

►You must be 100 percent sure of your identification.

►All mushrooms MUST be cooked…no raw mushrooms.

 Only the following mushrooms may be used:

– Commercial mushrooms from the grocery store

– Cultivated mushrooms from blocks sold by OMS

– Boletus edulis (porcini)

– Boletus rex veras (spring king)

– Cantharellus spp. (chanterelle)

– Coprinus comatus (shaggy mane)

– Hericium spp. (lion’s mane and bear’s head)

– Hydnum repandum/umbilicatum (hedgehog)

– Hypomyces lactifluorum (lobster)

– Lepista nuda (Tricholoma nudum), (blewit)

– Macrolepiota rachodes (shaggy parasol)

– Morchella spp. (morel – no Verpa or Gyromitra spp.)

– Pleurotus spp. (oyster)

– Polyozellus multiplex (blue chanterelle)

– Sparassis crispa (cauliflower)

– Tricholoma magnivelare (white matsutake), and

– Oregon white and black truffles

At the banquet, you will need to complete a label to display with your item that includes your name, the name of the dish and the mushrooms, if any, used in the dish.

Q and A section:

  • Why is this different from previous Survivor’s Banquet’s?

We had to find a new venue, different regulations required a different approach and in order to make it cost effective we opted to allow the venue to provide all of the beverages. (None of the proceeds from drink sales will go to OMS)

  • Why are we allowing some people to make a $15 donation while others bring food for 10?

We realize that some people may not have the means, facilities or ability to bring a dish. This allows a larger swath of our members to participate in the celebration. We are also trying to raise funds for our 75th Anniversary Celebration. We are accepting CASH ONLY at the door for this event.

  • I have severe food allergies and a restrictive diet? Will food be available for my specific needs?

Because dishes are cooked at home in private kitchens we cannot guarantee anything will be allergen free or strictly meet any specific dietary guidelines. For those with dietary restrictions, we encourage you to bring a dish that meets your needs and would be suitable for your consumption.  

  • Is there parking?

Street parking is available within a few blocks surrounding the venue. Most of the homes in this area have driveways which leaves ample parking available. Carpooling or taking public transit is always encouraged. A loading and unloading zone is available.

  • Can I heat or finish cooking my dish there?

No. We encourage you to bring your dish in an insulated container or something that can plug in to stay warm such as a crock pot. 

This is a members only event and is not open to the public. RSVP is required.