Lost Mushroomer Season

(Photo from 2022 Clackamas County Search and Rescue mission.)

A brand-new Facebook post serves as a reminder of the hazards of getting lost while mushrooming.

For the sixth time this fall, the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue team was called to search for an overdue mushroom hunter. They searched for over 24 hours in deteriorating weather conditions, and were then joined by teams from two other counties. The overdue person finally turned up after surviving two nights in the woods.

The overdue person was ill equipped, and lucky to survive without serious problems. It’s worth reviewing the post to see how lucky this person was, and also to see Search and Rescue’s other takeaways.

Also for your consideration, here are some stories from the last 10 years about overdue or lost Oregon or Washington mushroom hunters. Many of these stories lack happy endings: