Mushroom Church?

In France, local governments and religious organizations are looking for ways to save disused churches. A recent Christian Science Monitor article discusses how many of these historic sites are being preserved by converting them to other uses like are concert venues, hotels, and nightclubs.

© Colette Davidson

One unusual use is mushroom farming. Some of these old buildings have perfect environments for mushroom cultivation: the right humidity and warm, stable temperature. The 19th century Martray Chapel in Nantes, France was converted a mushroom farm. It’s now one of the locations of Nantes mushroom producer Le champignon urbain. You can even schedule a site visit to make your own Pleurotus (oyster mushroom) box.


Colette Davidson, “Hotel? Office? Mushroom farm? Unused French churches get new roles.” Christian Science Monitor, July 31, 2023.

Le champignon urbain.