Montana Morchella Morbidity

After eating in the same restaurant, 50 people were sickened, several were hospitalized, and 2 died. Morchella (morels) are the likely cause. (“[P]reliminary analysis strongly suggests that … morel mushrooms were the food item that caused the outbreak.”1 “Available epidemiological evidence indicates that imported cultivated morel mushrooms, consumed at a single Montana restaurant, were the likely source of illnesses.”3)

The mushrooms were cultivated Morchella, imported from China.2 For more details read the References below.

And remember:

  • All Morchella contain toxins and should be cooked thoroughly before consuming.3
  • Be certain of the identity of each mushroom that you consume3 even if they are store-bought.4
  • Check our FAQs on Eating Wild Mushrooms.


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