Subscribe to the OMS Calendar

You can get automatic daily updates of the OMS Calendar, and notifications of OMS Calendar events, by Subscribing to it with Google Calendar or iCalendar.

How to Subscribe

  • Scroll to the bottom of the OMS Calendar, click Subscribe to Calendar, and pick either Google Calendar or iCalendar.
  • You’ll be redirected to your calendar application of choice and can add the OMS calendar with one click.
  • Your calendar will then include the OMS Calendar. (Example below)

When an event is added, deleted, canceled, or otherwise changed on the OMS Calendar, the changes will be reflected on your calendar. (Google Calendar updates daily. Other calendars may update quicker.)


Use your Calendar App to get notifications of the events.

And in Google Calendar on a desktop computer, you can even fine tune the notifications to get an email when an event is changed.

For more information about notifications, consult your calendar app: